The full results for our Short Story Competition which closed on December 31st 2018 are:

Total number of entries = 119.

SECOND ROUND READING: Julie Achilles, Jacqueline Bain, Alan Barker, Sharon Bee, John Breckenridge, Philip Burton, Jo Chatwin, Shaun Clark, Patsy Collins, Ros Collins, Sarah Crabtree, Tim Dadswell, Alan Dale, Christine Eddison, Ellen Evers, Alyson Faye, Matt Gilbert, Joe Giordano, Jenny Goodchild, David Goodfellow, Patricia Gordon, Pauline Gostling, Charlotte Hartley-Jones, Alyson Hilbourne, Alex Kropova, Danielle Lade, Chris Law, Rosa Lea, David Lewis, Gwenda Major, Dave Manning, Paul Mastaglio, Madeleine McDonald, Diane McKee, Lesley Middleton, Grace Moreton, Sam Nicholls, Sarah Nyirongo, Bayveen O'Connell, Wendy Ogilvie, Carlos Perona, Karen Rodgers, Jenny Ryan, Haroon Safi, Debi Savage, Pamela Scott, Emma Scullion, Tracey Sibun, Michelle Smith, Tina Sturdy, Betty Thoday, Julia Thorley, Stephen Wade, Paul Warnes, Merryn Williams, Claire Wilson, Louise Worthington, Gillian Wright, Barbara Young.

THIRD ROUND READING: Julie Achilles, Sharon Bee, John Breckenridge, Jo Chatwin, Patsy Collins, Ros Collins, Sarah Crabtree, Alan Dale, Ellen Evers, Alyson Faye, Joe Giordano, Jenny Goodchild, David Goodfellow, Pauline Gostling, Alyson Hilbourne, Alex Kropova, Rosa Lea, Gwenda Major, Dave Manning, Madeleine McDonald, Diane McKee, Grace Moreton, Sam Nicholls, Bayveen O'Connell, Jenny Ryan, Pamela Scott, Emma Scullion, Michelle Smith, Betty Thoday, Julia Thorley, Stephen Wade, Merryn Williams, Claire Wilson, Gillian Wright, Barbara Young.

SHORTLIST: Julie Achilles, Sharon Bee, Jo Chatwin, Patsy Collins, Sarah Crabtree, Ellen Evers, Alyson Faye, Jenny Goodchild, Pauline Gostling, Grace Moreton, Sam Nicholls, Jenny Ryan, Pamela Scott, Betty Thoday, Merryn Williams, Barbara Young.


First prize (50) : Jenny Goodchild, Toronto, Canada.       .
Second prize (25) : Barbara Young, Otterburn, Northumberland.     

All entries will be considered for publication in either a future issue of Words Magazine or in ebook collections.
In all such instances the authors will be contacted (where possible) prior to any such publication.