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  • Q.:    Do you accept previously published work?
  • Yes. The fact that work has already been published does not bar it from entry      to any of our competitions.
  • Q.:    Are there any other prizes besides first prize?
  • All prizes are as advertised for any particular competition.
  • Q.:    For non-contest entries, is there pay for accepted works?
  • As we are a completely voluntary organisation with all our profits going to a registered charity - please see here for fuller details - we are unable to pay for works used however each author whose work we do use gets two complimentary copies of the publication in which their work appears.
  • Q.:    Is it true that all entries and submissions are reread after initial judging?
  • Yes. All stories returned by the judges after a competition has taken place are reread with a view to either publishing them in a future issue of our magazine, online in the library pages of this website, or in any planned anthology that can be purchased from the website.
  • Q.:    Are authors from other countries allowed to enter your competitions?
  • The answer to this is a resounding "Yes". Our competitions are open to authors throughout the world.
  • Q.:    Do competition entrants need to be current subscribers?
  • Entry to our competitions is, in most cases, not limited to current subscribers and, although we would hope you might consider becoming a member, the choice is naturally yours.
  • Q.:    Is there a minimum and maximum word count for the stories you publish?
  • The average story that we publish is between 1000 and 2000 words.
  • Q.:    How long has Words Magazine been in existence?
  • Our first edition was published in June 1990.
  • Q.:    Is it true that all stories are very strictly edited?
  • All stories are only edited with our policy of not publishing anything too controversial.
  • Q.:    Are there any subjects that should be avoided when writing for Words?
  • Yes. We do not use any work that contains sexual innuendo or references, swearing and also the use of profanity are considered to be taboo.
  • Q.:    Punctuation is one of my weaker points when writing - will this lessen my
                 chances in any of your competitions?
  • Most definitely not. Punctuation and spelling are not expected to be 'spot on' and can easily be altered before publication.
  • Q.:    Can I send my story by email and send a cheque by post?
  • Yes you can.
  • Q.:    What is the preferred format for sending hard copies of the entries sent via the postal address?
  • Work should be typed, in double spacing, on one side only of A4 paper.
  • Q.:    Does the copyright for short stories submitted to competitions remain with the author?
  • Yes copyright of all work submitted remains with the author.

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