are pleased to announce
the winners and the shortlisted entries in the 2009 short story competition
that was open to members of all UK trade unions.

1st Prize (200): Cyril Solomon (T & G)
Second Place (100): Suzanne Franklin (CSP).
25 each goes to: Fabian Acker (NUJ), Trevor Williams (PCS), Keith Large (ATL), Anne Hodge (PCS).

Final shortlist: Pam Baddeley, Julie Oldfield, Marie Dollin, Lesley Rennie, Andi Bridges.

Highly commended: Sandy Wardrope, Theresa Gooda, Martin Christy, Lyn Adlam, Stephanie Pemberton, Andrea Waite, Dave Manning, Paul Norman, Andrew Siddle, Jane Crealock.

Third round sifting: Fabian Acker, Sandy Wardrope, Pam Baddeley, Theresa Gooda, Trevor Williams, Martin Christy, Julie Oldfield, Keith Large, Lyn Adlam, Stephanie Pemberton, Andrea Waite, Suzanne Franklin, Marie Dollin, Anne Hodge, Lesley Rennie, Andi Bridges, Cyril Solomon.

Second round sifting: John Hastings, Helen Yeo, Fabian Acker, Tony Dure, Sandy Wardrope, Pam Baddeley, Pearl Bowden, Theresa Gooda, Martin Christy, Julie Oldfield, Claire Smith, Susan Dunlop, Keith Large, Austin Maple, Lyn Adlam, Sam Taylor, Matt Rylatt, Anthony Church, Stephanie Pemberton, Shaiyani Weerasinghe, Andrea Waite, Jo O'Connor, Jason Jawando, Esther Clarke, Suzanne Franklin, Judith Curtis, David Crosby, Dave Manning, Trevor Williams, Dure Tony, Demelza Burrell, Kirit Kothari, Robert Mapletoft, Paul Norman, Andrew Siddle, Jane Crealock, James Hall, Marie Dollin, Anne Hodge, Donald Nixon, Ian Sharp, Steven Taylor, Elizabeth Pearson, Tracey Jones, John Gibbard, Lesley Rennie, Raymond Hampton, Andi Bridges, Elizabeth Stockhill, Peter Bury, Cyril Solomon.

Total number of entries: 106

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS - and thank you to all those who took part.